Business Development Manager, the Academy of Code

Tom Maher

For any Tech SME/start up, moving to The Digital Hub is the best “Next Step” in growing a business that you can make. The support The Academy of Code got when we moved to The Digital Hub in 2017 was perfect for our needs. As a growing company we needed to focus on our product development and delivery. The Client Services team were so professional and welcoming as we settled in. Arranging the small stuff, such as Wifi, Security and Parking, passed off completely without stress and came exactly as we needed them.


More importantly the inhouse networking opportunities that The Digital Hub team organise, such as the regular ‘Friday Morning Meetups’, the quarterly ‘Beer & Pizza Evenings’, along with the regular lunchtime workshops and presentations on a range of relevant topics are very popular and a far cry from discussing the difficulties of starting a business with the family dog in the garden shed. In addition, the team’s external networking reach is really helpful. A recent example being, when The Academy of Code were granted tickets to the ‘Future Scope’ event in the Convention Centre Dublin. Following our attendance at this event we developed a relationship with Wia and in turn arranged workshops and demonstrations for our students to bring together the power of code and the internet of things. Overall working in The Digital Hub community has allowed The Academy of Code to get on with realising our business goals.


About the Academy of Code

Founded by software professionals in 2014, the Academy of Code exists to provide a missing link in the education of primary and secondary school children in Ireland. Currently based in Dublin and providing classes in multiple locations and to over 550 students across the county, we have only just begun our mission to transform IT education across the country.