Director, Juvo

Mark Murphy

“Running our digital creative agency ‘Juvo’ from The Digital Hub has allowed us to scale up quite easily over the past 12 months, due to the flexible lease agreements, larger office space available, excellent facilities throughout and of course the central location. All of this in turn helps us attract the right digital professionals, as the key to any successful business is the people.”


Juvo is an award winning creative digital agency. They boast a comprehensive film production team and a growing digital marketing department. Their main area of expertise is in web development, a skillset that recently won them an Eir Spider Award for the design of the, and they aim to continue pushing creative boundaries in 2018. They recently launched a new video led online business directory called My Business Finder. Their vision is to get every Irish business filmed, listed and rated on their site.

Curious how good your business could look? Make sure to check out to see what Juvo can do for you.