COO & Co-founder, Square1.

Diego Solorzano

Square1 is a creative online and mobile software development company based at The Digital Hub since 2015.
The name Square1 comes from a passion for bringing ideas to life from, well…Square1. Square1 is driven by one thing: You.


Square1’s core management team are internet professionals with a wealth of experience delivering and managing high-traffic websites, including some of the biggest and most innovative online brands in Ireland, such as,,,, and Other notable clients include the Ombudsman for Children’s Office, Madison Publications, The Sunday Business Post, Silicon Republic and the National Library of Ireland.

The team brings experience and know-how to customers to help them build and expand their online products and services.

“The two key things for us in choosing The Digital Hub were its central location and brand recognition. Being located in The Digital Hub means we are close to a number of our existing clients, and identifying ourselves as a ‘Digital Hub company’ when talking to new clients is also a big plus. Even when the clients aren’t too familiar with the tech industry, they’ve typically heard of The Digital Hub and some of the more notable alumni, so it’s helpful in opening doors that way.”