Sep 07, 2016

What will you learn at the D8 Surfers Club

The D8 Surfers Club is a free digital literacy programme giving Dublin 8 residents the opportunity to learn how to use a laptop/tablet, email, skype, and other communication tools and surf the Internet.

As the internet has become a fundamental way to access information and make better-informed decisions on goods and services, this course helps people improve their understanding of the internet and digital devices.

What participants learn:

  • JoinTheD8SurfersClubAtTDH_025How to set up and use email
  • How to create folders on the computer to save documents
  • How to search for and purchase products online such as groceries; toys; clothes; household items
  • What public services are available online such as taxing your car on; applying for a medical card on; registering to vote on; job/internship search on
  • What free online learning resources exist where they can continue their digital learning such as
  • What news, media and entertainment websites exist such as and cinema listings
  • What social networks exist such as Facebook and YouTube and how to manage privacy settings

What else do I need to know about the D8 Surfers Club:

  • There is one class per week
  • Each class is two hours long
  • There are five-weeks of classes
  • It’s free to attend
  • Its takes place at the Learning studio at The Digital Hub’s Digital Depot building
  • Classes are interactive and flexible so you will have many opportunities to ask questions
  • We provide tea, coffee, and biscuits at break-time
  • It is a great opportunity for people living in our local community to get to know each other
  • It is fun!

What Past participants have said:

“I am 81 years of age and have found the class very beneficial to me. I am not very fast on the uptake, but I am getting there. I feel a lot more confident now that the course has finished. We have a very good teacher; he is very patient with the ‘slow learners’.”Bernard Byrne

“The course is very good; exactly what I needed and we had great support from the tutor.” John Dowling

“The course was perfect for people who are beginners and the tutor was very helpful.”John Doyle

“I started the course to learn how to use the iPad. The tutor was very helpful, he taught us how to use Google Chrome and search what we wanted online.” Maureen Bates

“I am very happy with the classes and everything I learned throughout the course. I learned how to send an email and arrange pictures in folders. The tutor is very helpful in showing everything you need to know.”Mary Kwadjo

Email or telephone Caroline on 01 4806200 to find out more.