Dec 15, 2016

Interview with the Future Creators Class of 2016/17

We recently spoke with some young participants of the Future Creators Programme - Umar (14), Samer (13), Sian (13) and Chloe (13) - to find out their experience of the digital learning programme to date and what they are looking forward to learning next term.

Umar, Samer, Sian and Chloe have been attending classes since late October, and are just four of the 24 young people from Dublin 8 who applied to the programme and were selected for participation by the programme partners who are the National College of Art and Design (NCAD), H2 Learning and The Digital Hub. This year the group are slightly younger with the majority of participants aged 13-14 years old. Like last year’s group, there is a 50:50 split, boys to girls.


What the students had to say:

My favourite element of the Future Creators so far is video editing. The ability to split videos and music onto one track is amazing.” – Samer

“My favourite part so far is film editing and using Adobe Photoshop to edit graphics. I also love using Tumblr to post multimedia content online.” – Sian

“I joined the course because my sister recommended it. My favourite element of the course so far is social media. I am looking forward to coding and making short films in future classes.” – Chloe

“I joined the course because of my love for computers and the opportunity to maximise my coding skills.” – Umar

The Future Creators programme aims to equip young people from Dublin 8 with digital skills, including sound editingsocial mediaelectronics, musicfilmmakingcoding/game development, and stop-motion animation. The programme also works to enhance their exposure to STEM subjects and to build their confidence, so they may consider pursuing a career related to their newfound digital skills.

David Cotter, Programme Coordinator, told us about the changes to this year’s programme with the introduction of an electronics module and an increased emphasis on social media. The electronics module gives learners hands-on experience of buildingmaking and using technology. During these sessions, students will learn about circuitsconductive materialslight and sound sensors. There will also be a lot more taster sessions this year, rather than the longer modules held in previous years. This will allow the participants to spend more time on the taster sessions and frees up space to include new modules such as electronics and social media.

About the Future Creators

The Future Creators is an after-school digital learning programme for young people aged 13-to-16 years old from Dublin 8, established by The Digital Hub in 2011 and delivered with the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) and H2 Learning. The programme aims to equip young people with digital skills, including coding, app development, digital photography, filmmaking, and website development. The programme also works to enhance their exposure to STEM subjects and to build their confidence, so they may consider pursuing a career related to digital skills. An important element of the programme is an emphasis on project-based and collaborative learning in an atmosphere of challenge, trust, fun and friendship. The programme endeavours to achieve a gender balance and present role models of successful females in the digital arena within the teaching team and in visiting speakers. The programme is run during the academic year. Classes take place twice a week and are two hours in duration. Participants are recruited from schools in The Digital Hub’s local community.

To find out more about the Future Creators Programme, please submit a contact form here.