May 02, 2018

The Liber8 Music Project showcase and graduation – 18/05/18

The Liber8 Music Project Class of 2018 will show-off their new musical and tech talents, at a showcase and graduation, to be held at BIMM Institute Dublin on Friday, 18th May.

The Digital Hub and BIMM Institute Dublin established ‘The Liber8 Music Project’ to give 14-to-16-year olds, living in Dublin 8 and its surroundings, who may have limited exposure to music and digital media, an opportunity to immerse themselves in a creative programme, whilst being introduced to some of the 21st Century Skills necessary to support their future careers.



The young people have been attending free classes, twice a week at The Digital Hub and BIMM Dublin, since February 2018. On Friday, 18th May, they will show-off their new musical and tech talents at an invite-only musical performance and showcase of their new skills.  They will also receive certificates from the BIMM Institute Dublin to mark their successful completion of the programme.


Date: Friday, 18th of May 2018.

Time: 6pm – 7pm

Venue: BIMM Dublin, 62 – 64 Francis Street, Dublin 8. (Directions)

Please note this event is invite-only. If you are interested in attending please email

To find out more about this event please visit our website:

About The Liber8 Music Project

Established by The Digital Hub and the BIMM Institute Dublin, the pilot run of The Liber8 Music ran during the 2017/2018 academic year with two classes of 20 young people attending the 10-week programme. The classes, free to attend for successful applicants, were held twice a week at The Digital Hub and BIMM Institute Dublin with a first group starting in October 2017 and a second group in February 2018. Course content for The Liber8 Music Project was been specifically developed by music education experts and practitioners within BIMM Institute Dublin. Over the course of 10 weeks, young people completed three modules. The ‘Music Styles’ module will invite participants to go on a journey through various styles of music, what they sound like and what they mean. In the ‘Introduction to Performance Techniques’ module, the young people will learn to use the guitar, bass, drums or vocals, culminating with a live performance at the end of the programme. Finally, in the ‘An Introduction to Recording and Sound Design’ module, participants explored the use of technology to make the music they love.

About BIMM Institute Dublin

BIMM Institute Dublin is a third level music college with a campus based in The Liberties, Dublin 8. BIMM, The British and Irish Modern Music Institute, currently has colleges in seven cities – Dublin, London, Berlin, Manchester, Bristol, Brighton and Birmingham with courses validated by highly regarded education partners such as the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) in Ireland – and is proud to be the largest and leading provider of contemporary music education in Ireland, UK and the rest of Europe.

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