May 06, 2020

Teen-Turn Call For Volunteers for Summer 2020

One of our partners, Teen-Turn are holding four STEM Weeks over the course of the summer, all of which can conducted remotely.


These four weeks will cover a range of topics including; Design Thinking, Coding, Problem Solving & Kitchen Chemistry, you can see the breakdown below.


  • Week 1 – June 15th to June 19thDesign Thinking


  • Week 2 – June 29th to July 3rdCoding


  • Week 3 – July 13th to July 17thProblem Solving


  • Week 4 – July 27th to July 31stKitchen Chemistry


Teen-Turn are now calling on companies to take part by volunteering for activities over the course of one week. Note this does not require a cash investment. If a company would like to incorporate a competition into their week and provide a prize, that is very much welcome.

The main “host” of each week will:

  • Deliver the ‘kick off’ webinar for the week’s topic.
  • Deliver small group videoconferences on Teen-Turns videoconferencing channels to work through the week’s tasks with participants.
  • Prepare content that they can post on their website

i. Links to more information

ii. Fun videos by employees about the topic

iii. Worksheets or activity instructions

In exchange for this Teen-Turn will promote the partnership through their channels and provide content for the company’s PR teams, all in keeping with child welfare best practice and confirming parental/guardian consent where necessary.

Leaving Cert Grinds – May 25 to July 17

Teen-Turn are also looking to continue Leaving Cert grinds for participants via their videoconferencing channels. Sessions last for 45 minutes. They are seeking volunteers who are confident in their ability to prepare students for the state exams. In many cases, it is less about the subject and more about imparting techniques for studying and improving habits.

If you would like to take part in either of those initiatives please email

About Teen-Turn:

Teen-Turn aims to influence course decision-making processes, inform participants on education and career options, and combat stereotypes by strategically changing how girls from underrepresented communities identify with STEM career environments through summer work placements and after school activities. Teen-Turn has an advisory board, is a fully volunteer led organisation and a registered charity (CRA RCN 20157739). Teen-Turn is a Social Innovation Fund Engage & Educate awardee.