#Techmums changes that by offering free hands-on workshops and online support to mums in order to give them the confidence, skills and inspiration they need to take part in the digital revolution.


In November 2015, The Digital Hub ran a six-week #Techmums programme to give mothers in the Dublin 8 area the confidence, skills and understanding to ensure they make the most of what the internet has to offer. Subjects taught include social media skills, the importance of online security, how to navigate Google cloud and Google drive, and introductions to app and web design and simple programming in Python.

Thirteen mothers from the local Dublin 8 area who participated in the pilot programme were awarded certificates to mark their successful completion of it in December 2015.

Speaking at an award ceremony to mark the completion of the programme, Yvonne Kealy, one of the 13 local mums who successfully completed the programme, said:

“#Techmums has been a fantastic learning experience for me, and is a great course for mothers to get to grips with the digital world. In this day and age, courses like #Techmums should almost be compulsory for parents and guardians. It has awakened a huge interest among the mothers involved in the digital world, and we would love to see a follow up course so we can broaden our digital knowledge even further.”

About #Techmums

#Techmums is an award-winning programme founded in the UK by Dr Sue Black, OBE, in 2012. The programme aims to teach mums basic IT skills and coding to help them overcome old fears in realising the various opportunities out there that can positively change their lives.