Jan 08, 2019

Screen8 students blog about their experiences

Some of the young participants on the Screen8 programme have been blogging about their experience of this filmmaking programme, for 14-to-16-year olds in Dublin 8.

Since September, Croi, Ifunanya, Sean and Fruzsina have been participating on Screen8 – an out-of-school programme for 14-to-16-year olds living in Dublin 8 and its surroundings. The Digital Hub and Dublin International Film Festival (DIFF) established this pilot programme in May 2018 and filmmaker, Mia Mullarkey is the Course Tutor.


The young people have been learning about the important stages in the filmmaking process from script to screen. They have met filmmaking professionals working in departments such as cinematography, acting and production design, and they are currently creating their own short film, which will be premiered at the Dublin International Film Festival in February 2019.


Read some blogs:

Music Video Blog by Croí Lenihan

We started by being put into groups, each group was given a style to shoot in like reverse, split, screen etc. We had to choose a song for the video, we started with Temples – Mesmerise, but we ended up using a different song which I can’t remember the name of, which was a bit annoying since they changed it after the scenes were shot. I honestly enjoyed shooting the music videos. If we wanted, we got a chance to use the camera, so I was cameraman for most of the scenes. One thing I learned is how to effectively use a camera which is actually quite difficult. 29th September 2018

Director Workshop Blog by Ifunanya Chukwuewuzie

On the 13th of October, we had the award-winning Director and Producer, Vincent Lambe come in to talk to us about his latest film, Detainment, that has been doing the rounds on the film festival circuit and has won numerous awards and nominations. We were shown the short film that told the chilling case of the murder of 2-year-old James Bulger through police interviews that two ten and year-old murderers have with the police. I found that the use of the actual transcripts on the case even more disturbing as it hammered home the fact that the events in the film truly happened. One thing I learned from Vincent Lambe is to stick to what you want to do as a Director and not allow others to sway your opinion on your work. He told us how many people he spoke to during production either loved the idea of the film or hated it. 13th October 2018.

Interview Techniques Blog by Croí Lenihan

The interviews were shot a bit differently, instead of being put into groups we were asked if we wanted to ask questions, use the camera, manage the sound or lights, or be interviewed. I insisted on being interviewed. We were asked about a childhood memory which I would rather not get into now. I really enjoyed the interviews because I like telling stories to people. One thing I did learn though is how much effort goes into the interviews. Most think it’s just sit down, talk and you’re done but you have to make sure everything is working properly like the lights and mics for example. 10th November 2018

Acting Workshop Blog by Sean Cooper

On Saturday the 17th of November me and the other students of Screen8 and three actors named Conor Maguire, Alexandria Stiamati and Eddie Mullarkey, who graduated from Bow Street Academy, enacted a scene from the movie “A Fish Called Wanda”. Alexandria played Wanda, Conor played Archie and Eddie played Otto while we created the set around them. Then we started recording, one team had to keep very quiet while the other team were recording because the mic could pick up everything in the room. Everyone had a job in the team; two on sound, two directors, two on lighting and two on the camera. I thought it was a lot of fun, plus it showed me and the others how a set would work, and that example will help us in future when filming for our documentary. 17th November 2018

Cinematography & Documentary Workshop Blog by Fruzsina Czene

Two weeks ago, we had three very friendly and interesting people visiting us at The Digital Hub. We had the pleasure to welcome Luke Jacobs, Cinematographer. We were all fascinated about his work and the projects he had done up till now. He explained that to do pleasing and quality work you certainly don’t need money. I really enjoyed his speech and it was entertaining. The two other guys were Nathan and Luke, Directors of Through the Cracks. These two made a short film about homelessness which was shown in the Dáil. This short film is honestly breathtaking. Nathan and Luke explained how they shot everything and the amount of work it took them. This short film it is absolutely amazing. 24th November 2018

The Door And The Housing Crisis Protest Blog by Croí Lenihan 

The Door

The door directed by Juanita Wilson is a short film based on the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. It starts with a man stealing his door from his apartment. After that he returns to his family which has survived the evacuation after the nuclear fallout in Chernobyl. It reminds me a lot of the metro series since both are set in Russia after a nuclear explosion. I honestly think it deserved it’s Oscar nomination as it is a very powerful film, even with the language barrier of Russian, especially the ending which was filmed really well.

Housing Crisis Protest

Our experience was a new experience for me since I’ve never been to protest especially a protest that size, thousands of people showed up to show their support for the homeless. While we were there, we had to film it. We were put into two separate groups once again. Each person in each group got given two jobs. Mine were ‘producer’ for the first half and ‘boom operator’ for the second half. It was a really cool experience, especially since I got two posters. The worst thing about it though was the fact that after we stopped filming, I realised I could adjust the size of the boom pole. November 2018.