May 11, 2018

Meet The Liber8Music Project Class of 2018

We recently met with the young people from The Liber8 Music Project, to see how the programme had gone, and hear about their newfound musical and tech talents.

The Digital Hub and BIMM Institute Dublin established ‘The Liber8 Music Project’ to give 14-to-16-year olds, living in Dublin 8 and its surroundings, who may have limited exposure to music and digital media, an opportunity to immerse themselves in a creative programme, whilst being introduced to some of the 21st Century Skills necessary to support their future careers.


Kieran McGuinness, Course Director, The Liber8 Music Project, says: “One of the main reasons behind the course is to give students in Dublin 8, a flavour what life is like in college, taking the fear away from them and showing them it’s not some kind of mystery. Then, if down the line, they decide to go to college, we have achieved something.”

Louise MacNamara, Lead Tutor, The Liber8 Music Project, says: “We look at everything from song writing/structure to using technology to make music. If you look at the music industry now, there has been a huge shift in young people making their own music at home, we are basically equipping the young people in the programme with the skills to make music.”

What the young people had to say:

  • “I saw The Liber8 Music Project as a great opportunity to learn how to play music, sometimes in life you just have to go for it.Alex
  • “I joined the programme because I loved doing music in school and was really interested by some of the modules like recording music and electronics.” – Tara
  • “We have performed Seven Nations Army by The White Stripes and learned about the different octaves, this is the first instrument I have played, and I am really happy with it.” – Melina
  • “I love music, but don’t play a musical instrument, I felt this was a great opportunity to learn music from professionals.” – Eoin


On Friday, 18th May, they will show-off their new musical and tech talents at an invite-only musical performance and showcase of their new skills. They will also receive certificates from the BIMM Institute Dublin to mark their successful completion of the programme.

About BIMM Institute Dublin

With The Liber8 Music Project, BIMM Institute Dublin aims to play a part in exposing students from Dublin 8 to life at a third level college with the aim of reinforcing the idea that attending college is an attractive option, as well as a realistic goal.  With an established presence in the heart of the Liberties on Francis St. and The Coombe since 2011, BIMM Institute Dublin is actively supporting and adding to the development of the local community by establishing this exciting new project with DHDA which will hopefully create and nurture an interest in the value of education not only in music but all arenas, for people from all backgrounds.

BIMM Institute Dublin is a third level music college with a campus based in The Liberties, Dublin 8. BIMM, The British and Irish Modern Music Institute, currently has colleges in seven cities – Dublin, London, Berlin, Manchester, Bristol, Brighton and Birmingham with courses validated by highly regarded education partners such as the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) in Ireland– and is proud to be the largest and leading provider of contemporary music education in the Ireland, UK and the rest of Europe. BIMM Group is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, i.e.,.BIMM Dublin(Facebook) @BIMMDublin (Twitter) @bimm_dublin (Instagram)

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About The Digital Hub

Based in the historic Liberties area of Dublin city centre, The Digital Hub is an enterprise cluster for growing technology companies.  Home to almost 80 established businesses and employing just over 700 people, The Digital Hub is the largest cluster of digital media, technology and Internet businesses in Ireland, providing a space for indigenous and global enterprises to scale and grow, alongside industry organisations. In addition to its development and support of an enterprise cluster, The Digital Hub continues to deliver on its commitment to the local Liberties community of Dublin 8 through its strategic Community Learning Initiatives Programmes including Future Creators (13-16 years), Future Creators Cadets (10-12 years), D8 Surfers Club (Seniors) and now The Liber8 Music Project (14-16 years) in partnership with BIMM Dublin.

The Digital Hub Development Agency is the Irish state agency that manages The Digital Hub.  Further information is available at or on Twitter at @TheDigitalHub.