May 30, 2017

Future Creators 2017 look forward to their graduation

We recently spoke with three participants of the Future Creators programme - Renato (16), Kellie (13), Keiron (13), and their Programme Coordinator, David Cotter, to hear about their experience of the programme so far and how it influences career choices.

Renato, Kellie, and Keiron have been attending classes at The Digital Hub since late October. They are just three of the young people from Dublin 8, who are taking part in the Future Creators. The Future Creators is run by The Digital Hub, the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) and H2 Learning.


In this video, we ask Renato, Kellie and Keiron about their experience of the Future Creators, their favourite aspects of the course and what they hope to achieve in the remaining weeks of the programme.



What participants said:

“Robotics is my favourite aspect of the course and I also like using Makey Makey to create my own game controllers.” – Renato

“Photoshop is my favourite module and I feel it will be a great help in my future career as a baker.” – Kellie

“My favourite module is coding, I always wanted to get into coding and now that I have got my chance it is really fun.” – Keiron

“The course has given a real boost to my confidence, and I now approach projects with no fear at all.” – Kellie

The Future Creators will shortly complete the course and receive special certificates of recognition at a graduation ceremony, at the Harry Clarke Lecture Theatre at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD), on Thursday, June 22nd.

About the Future Creators

The Future Creators is an after-school digital learning programme for young people aged 13-to-16 years old from Dublin 8, established by The Digital Hub in 2011 and delivered with the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) and H2 Learning.

To find out more or express interest in joining the Future Creators Programme, please email