Mar 28, 2018

Future Creators continues to evolve and inspire young people in Dublin 8

We recently dropped into the young people of the Future Creators to see how the first few weeks of the programme had gone, and hear what’s in store for the remainder of the course.

The Future Creators is an after-school digital learning programme for young people aged 13-to-16 years old from Dublin 8. It was established by The Digital Hub in 2011 and is delivered with the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) and H2 Learning.


We also spoke with Kate Delaney, Lead Tutor, Future Creators, who told us about the programme, what the kids have learned so far, and how education has evolved in the last few years.

Kate Delaney, Lead Tutor, says, “Each year the programme changes; we are trying to be dynamic and look at interesting creative ways to look at technology. This year, we have tried a few different things, we started with circuit building and developing skills around science and understanding electricity. From there, we moved on to Makey Makey, making things more interactive. Later, in the programme, we hope that some of the young people concentrate on wearable tech, filmmaking or look at design in different ways.”

What the Future Creators had to say:

So far, we have done scribble box, coding & filmmaking, and we are now moving on to wearable technology.Sarah

The course has really improved my technology-based work in school, Before I was the last one to finish projects, now I finish them before anyone.Croi

I have really improved my digital skills, such as circuitry & filmmaking.Valeria

We got to design a phone case, with machines such as laser cutters. And, we got learn how to programme it as well.Michael

At the moment, we are doing a reality film, this is my favourite part of the course.” Fatima

The Future Creators also promotes the key 21st century skills of teamwork, collaboration, problem-solving and communication among the participants. One of the tools to promote this is the Future Creators Industry Insight Series. This has been devised to give the young people a chance to hear directly from people working in the technology, digital media and internet industry in Ireland. Elaine Burke, Managing Editor at Digital Hub based Silicon Republic, recently spoke to Future Creators about the skills needed to be a success in business, such as dealing with people, management skills and working as part of team.

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