Jun 27, 2017

Future Creators Cadets show their newfound talents

The Future Creator Cadets' graduation ceremony took place, in The Digital Hub's Learning Studio, yesterday evening.

Working in teams, the young people described their artistic creations, the story that inspired their works and the process of making their creations using technology, conductive materials and following good design principles.


The class had an opportunity to showcase their work to their parents/guardians, siblings, and teachers as well as some of the companies based in The Digital Hub.

We’d recently met with this year’s class, and had a chance to listen to how they felt about the work they’d done to date, the talents they’d developed, and what’s next for this great bunch of local students.

Itgi, Malik and Megan have been attending classes at The Digital Hub since late March. They are just three of the young people from Dublin 8, who are taking part in the Future Creators Cadets programme. The Future Creators Cadets was established by The Digital Hub in 2015 and is delivered with the National College of Art and Design and H2 Learning.


 What participants said:

  • “I signed up to the programme because it sounded really interesting and it was probably going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity.”– Thomas
  • “I signed up to the programme because I am really interested in electronics.”Megan
  • “I joined the programme because I really like doing creative stuff and to meet new friends.” – Itgi


Kate Delaney, Programme Coordinator, says, “The Future Creators Cadets really tries to make technology more hands-on and make it more about the creative. The idea is to use your hands to make stuff and build stuff. We use technology as a tool, but do not make it the main focus of the sessions.

This year, The Digital Hub, NCAD and H2 Learning held two runs of the Future Creators Cadets programme. The aim of the ten-week programme is to explore creativity through technology using art materials and technology.

You can find out more about the Future Creators Cadets here.



The Future Creators Cadets was established in 2015 by The Digital Hub and delivered with National College of Art and Design (NCAD) and H2 Learning.

The programme is similar to the existing Future Creators Programme, but it targets younger participants with a programme tailored to their abilities, interests and needs.

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