Dec 18, 2017

Future Creators Cadets tell us about their newfound talent

We recently met Leah, Stephen and Daniel for a chat about what they have learned on the Future Creators Cadets 10-week programme.

Leah, Stephen and Daniel have been attending classes at The Digital Hub since early October. They are just three of the young people from the local community, who are taking part in the Future Creators Cadets programme. The Future Creators Cadets was established by The Digital Hub in 2015 and is delivered with the National College of Art and Design and H2 Learning.


What the Future Creators Cadets had to say:

  • “My favourite part of the course was building a doughnut-shaped guitar, we connected it to Makey Makey and downloaded all the sounds it generated.” – Leah
  • “Building the musical instruments was really fun and picking sounds for them. We made a guitar and piano and mushed them together”. – Stephen
  • Making our own controllers was my favourite part, this is where you put wires into carrots, I found this hilarious”. – Daniel


We also hear from Kate Delaney, Lead Tutor, Future Creators Cadets, where she tells what the programme is, what the kids have learned so far, and how education has evolved in the last few years.

Kate Delaney, Lead Tutor, says“It’s really interesting to see what’s happening in education at the moment. There is a much bigger emphasis on hands-on technology, maker spaces and development of what young people are doing in technology. We are moving from screen-based technology to more hands-on based technology such as circuits and wiring. We are working with scientific principles and connecting subjects they kids have in school, in a way they hadn’t thought of before.”

A showcase will take place on Monday, December 18th, where the students will describe their artistic creations and the story that inspired them. It is a great opportunity to showcase their masterpieces to their parents/guardians, siblings, and teachers.

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