May 10, 2017

From Future Creators to teen Mc and video blogger

Dylan took part in the Future Creators programme from October 2015 to June 2016. He is now a Peer Assistant for the 2016/17 run of the programme.

The Future Creators is an after-school digital learning programme for young people aged 13-to-16 years old from Dublin 8, established by The Digital Hub in 2011 and delivered with the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) and H2 Learning. Dylan learned digital media skills including animation, coding, social media, digital image and sound manipulation, filmmaking, and robotics.


He enjoyed the Future Creators programme so much that he volunteered to help out on the 2016/17 run of the programme, which is still underway. Commenting on Dylan’s participation, David Cotter, Programme Coordinator, said: “We were thrilled that Dylan wanted to volunteer and he has been really helpful in his role as Peer Assistant. We asked him if he would like to write a blog for us and Dylan jumped at the chance.”

Hello, my name is Dylan and I am a comedian who uses social media (Facebook) to entertain thousands of people around Ireland.

I only started 7 months ago and I have already reached 20,000 views. I am 15 years old and live in Dublin 8. I attend James Street C.B.S and I am in 3rd year.

The videos I make are comedy videos where I discuss different topics. I spend about an hour or two preparing, editing and recording those videos.

My favourite social media is Snapchat. I really enjoy Facebook but I have to go with Snapchat for being a much more fun and entertaining platform.

Videos are not all I do! Every couple of weeks, I perform on stage by doing stand-up comedy or I go to teenage discos as an “MC”. Mcing is going on stage with a microphone and making sure everyone is having a good time.

Future Creators 2015/16
Pictured in the photograph to the right is Dylan along with Ciara, who also participated in the Future Creators programme 2015/16

I attended the Future Creators programme last year and completed the course last June. I really enjoyed the Future Creators programme because I found the sessions interesting, the staff are really nice and professional (Dave and Kate) and I made plenty of new friends who I would now call my closest friends. The Future Creators programme taught me plenty of things like writing a script, film making, coding and how to promote my work using social media and much more. I think going to the Future Creators programme gave me the confidence to go out and start making my videos. It had a huge impact on my life.

The social media sessions were my personal favourite.  These sessions consist of Darragh Doyle or as I call him the ‘King of Facebook’ coming in to speak and teach us about social media. He does this by explaining us about how to use social media for promoting your online identity, your reputation and your work getting us to make a Tumblr account, trying it out and giving us a set of goals e.g. share things and make it our personal page. He also brings in a lot of guests like Sinead Burke and Youtubers (people with a Youtube channel).

This year, Future Creators have been split into 3 different groups: filmmaking, animation and 2D. These groups will all write a blog on each of their subjects. The filmmaking group have made a film and will be writing a blog on how they made it. The 2D group made a film poster and will be writing the blog on how they designed it and why. Finally, the animation groups have made some animated pictures and will be writing about how they created them and their experience making them.