Nov 20, 2020

D8 Surfers Club at The Digital Hub goes Virtual

We recently caught up with Margaret & Mary from the D8 Surfers Club to see how they felt about the recent move of the programme online.


The D8 Surfers Club has been running at The Digital Hub since 2015 and due to Covid-19 has recently gone virtual. The D8 Surfers Club started life as a tutor-led class, where local residents, who had limited experience of communication tools and the internet, learned how to use a computer in a structured way, and were guided in their discovery of how digital technologies could benefit them in their everyday lives.


In the years since, the club evolved to a more informal drop-in session; Participants meet weekly for two hours to learn from one another in a pleasant social environment. Now the D8 Surfers Club has gone virtual. The participants log onto their devices once a week to connect with each other and their tutor, Sonia Doherty.

Of the move online, Sonia says, “While it was challenging getting them all onto zoom at the start, it was a great achievement because they did it themselves and now they look forward to every Tuesday.”


What the participants said?

Mary says, I find the online classes particularly good and helpful. Sonya shares her screen with the class, this makes it easier to learn and navigate through the learning topics. Sonya is a great teacher and is able to explain the learning topics in a simple manor that the whole class can understand. Sonya provides good support to all students.”

Margaret says “I have found it very difficult at times. It is not the same as been in class. You are not connecting with people. Sonya is very helpful teaching us on Zoom and I do look forward to it every Tuesday.”

When asked what she misses about doing the programme in person. “I do miss going into The Digital Hub every Tuesday morning and meeting up with the group. Having the chat before our class begins. It is the social aspect as well. I found it much easier to learn when in class.”

If you like to hear more about the D8 Surfers Club, please contact Programme and Partnerships Manager, Caroline by telephone on 01 480 6200 or email to find out more.