Sep 19, 2018

1 English Open for Registrations

1 English is a One Humanitarian Hub initiative of the One Foundation and is being delivered in partnership with The Digital Hub.

Participants of 1 English, who are employed and unemployed EU citizens and non-EU asylum seekers and refugees, are developing their English skills for work and study.


The Digital Hub supports the One Humanitarian Hub, by providing a classroom, and supporting the promotion of 1 English to eligible participants in our local community and wider network.


Who can apply?

  • Employed & Unemployed
  • EU Citizens & Non-EU Asylum Seekers












About One Humanitarian Hub

The One Humanitarian Hub is a One Foundation Ireland initiative. The One Humanitarian Hub was established in 2017 with the mission/goals/objectives to research and showcase best practice humanitarian projects. Their current activities include 1 English and UNICEF Innovation quarterly showcase. One Foundation is a private philanthropic fund based in Dublin, Ireland and is registered as a charity with the Irish Charities Regulatory Authority (CHY14865).

One of the foundation’s aims is to significantly improve the life chances of refugees and migrants by supporting leading non-profit organisations. The One Foundation is founded on strong business principles and believes that ‘active philanthropy’ can be a powerful way to generate long term solutions to issues facing refugees and migrants today.  This means that the One Foundation invests funds, skills, technical supports, and other resources in non-profit organisations that share its vision to help them make a step change in impact.