#D8 Together Video Challenge

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The #D8 Together Video Challenge is a programme for local secondary school students from CB Media and The Digital Hub.

— Expert training in creating videos from a professional video producer
— Using creativity & storytelling to discuss mental health, wellbeing, strength & resilience
— Eleven, one-hour sessions either during school hours or after-school hours
—15 participants per group
Using creativity and storytelling to enable young people to discuss mental health and wellbeing challenges, while supporting one another, sharing experiences and having fun in a safe space.”

This programme is designed to foster positive youth development and resilience, a trait which is needed now more than ever to help students recognise their own strengths and explore mental health in ways that are meaningful and productive to them.

The programme will challenge students to learn how to produce their own professional videos, enhance connectedness, and support each other through sharing stories of strength, while learning the skill of video production, filming and editing, which will be useful for their future careers. Over 11 one-hour sessions students work with expert video producer Cynthia Baloula over Zoom and receive training in creating their own professional-looking videos telling their stories of strength and resilience.

How it works

Students are given live instruction and a task to be completed during the live session, with the support of the video producer and facilitator Cynthia Baloula as well as CB Media designated school liaison person Louise O’Neill.

What is needed

  • A laptop or a desktop to attend the live classes.
  • A laptop that has a camera, a computer with a webcam or a smartphone that has a camera to film the video.
  • An internet connection.

Who is this programme for?

  • The programme is open to all secondary school students from 14- to 16-years-old in Dublin 8.
  • For the in-school video challenge 15 students will be recruited by participating schools.
  • For the after-school video challenge student are welcome to apply directly to CB Media and a group of 15 will be selected to participate.
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