Dec 02, 2019

Work with Wild Code School – Partnerships Opportunities

Wild Code School are offering numerous partnership opportunities and you can avail of all opportunities or just a selection. Below details some of the partnerships available.


Provide Projects:

  • Give real projects that the students complete during the course – you fully own the completed projects.
  • Participate in a hackathon run over a 24/48 hour period – all completed work is owned by you.


Contribute to the training

  • Become a guest speaker – talk about tech/pitch your idea
  • Participate in job dating days
  • Co-organise events (meetups etc.)


Train the employees

  • Co-design a specific training course for your employees
  • Recruit students, train them and then hire them – create tech talent, not just consume it!


For more information, get in touch with Marek the Dublin campus manager at, +353(0)87 412 8638