Mar 23, 2020

Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival Highlights

The Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival took place in recent weeks and the VMDIFF team have pulled together some of the highlights.


Sweet children share reactions and reviews from the Festival’s screening of Disney Pixar’s newest film, Onward!


Reviews from Charlie Kaufman and Pawel Pawlikowski Masterclasses 

  • “Writing is a compassionate act. Showing people who are struggling and vulnerable

is useful and helpful. It is a way of dealing with why we are here.” – Kaufman

  • Charlie Kaufman said these words just over a week ago, and in light of all that has

happened since, his words feel prophetic and all the more important. If ever there was a

time for brutal honesty, it is now. Listening to Kaufman, it was refreshing to hear from

somebody working in the medium of film with a desire to reveal humanity and our flaws,

and what we can learn from that.

  • My favourite lesson from both was that neither of them have a map or a set of rules,

their approach is a kind of anthropological diving in over many years.

  • All in all, to have such a successful, award-winning filmmaker in Dublin was an absolute

thrill. I don’t think many Irish festival-goers know how difficult these things are to

arrange. I got chatting to Michelle Maheux before “Sea Fever” and she was amazed at the

scale and scope of the festival.

  • Personally I thought it was one of the best workshops I’ve attended anywhere. I left

feeling energised and inspired.

Best Festival Photos