Dec 03, 2018

Tyndall National Institute to collaborate on drug delivery systems with West

Two-year plan supported by Enterprise Ireland.

Tyndall National Institute has signed a research & development collaboration agreement with West Pharmaceutical Services to work on future developments of drug delivery systems for injectable medicines.


The collaboration will apply Tyndall’s multidisciplinary ICT research to a range of transformational medical devices in development at West. This will enable West, a global leader in the design and manufacture of drug containment and delivery systems, to meet emerging trends in the healthcare industry. The two-year project will employ a team of postdoctoral researchers, who will be working at Tyndall in partnership with West and is co-funded by an Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership with IDA support.


Carlo Webster, Senior Strategic Business Executive, Tyndall National Institute, said: “The Tyndall-West collaboration has arrived at the right time and at the intersection between healthcare and ICT fields.  It is becoming increasingly apparent with each new generation of products coming on to the market that smart systems are required.”

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