Aug 18, 2020

The Digital Hub proud to be sponsoring Dublin Fringe Festival 2020: Pilot Light Edition

The Digital Hub is pleased to be a part of this year’s Dublin Fringe Festival and is the festival’s Official Digital Partner in a year which will see some of their innovative and inspiring events move online. Over 23 brand new projects will be showcased by artists around Dublin, with events to be attended both virtually and in-person.


The Digital Hub’s sponsorship of Dublin Fringe Festival 2020: Pilot Light Edition will support four ‘born-digital’ projects:

  • TWENTY FIFTY by Dan Colley, Fionnuala Gygax & Guests: A live improvised game between an actor and an invited guest. Beginning in the form of an intimate interview, they will attempt to get to the heart of the question: what would you save from the fire?
  • Will I See You There by Murmuration: Viewed through a window and listened to with headphones, witness a chance encounter between two people unaware of how much they need to be heard. This intimate show is an invitation to listen in, as they strive to tune out the city around them, and the noise within.
  • Initiation by Matthew Bratko & Frank Sweeney: You are invited to an audio-immersive nightlife digital experience with cutting beats and a gripping narrative. There will be real-time challenges for you, the audience, with true consequences, no takebacks and no do-overs. It’s fun!
  • An Avant-Garde Public Service Broadcaster by Dublin Digital Radio: For one day only, Dublin Digital Radio is creating an avant-garde public service broadcaster where we imagine how this new service might sound, think and behave.


Fiach Mac Conghail, CEO of The Digital Hub, said:

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to be Dublin Fringe Festival’s Digital Partner in 2020. It has been a particularly tough and unprecedented time of hardship for artists this year. The Fringe have shown innovation and an imaginative approach in supporting new work and we are delighted to be in a position to support this year’s festival. We look forward to the diverse range of performances and discussions taking place throughout September.”

Ruth McGowan, Dublin Fringe Festival Director, added:

“Partnership from businesses and organisations is important to Dublin Fringe Festival each year as we deliver our programme of ambitious and unique arts experiences. We’re grateful for the support from The Digital Hub in 2020. Digital technology  can be utilised by artists to expand the possibilities of their art form and to reach new audiences in innovative ways.. With The Digital Hub’s track record in digital media we know this partnership will be of lasting value to Dublin Fringe Festival.”

Dublin Fringe Festival 2020: Pilot Light Edition begins on September 5th and runs through to September 20thMore information and booking details can be found at