Nov 16, 2017

The Digital Hub Photo Challenge Winners Announced

In early October 2017, The Digital Hub partnered with one of its enterprise companies, CoinaPhoto, for an exciting a photography competition themed ‘Dublin 8 is Great’.

The photography competition focused on celebrating the spirit of the Liberties and wider Dublin 8 area through photographs. Today, we are delighted to announce the winners of the competition.


Judges of the photography competition included Jim Dawson, Digital Design Executive at The Digital Hub; Jurate Tilmanaite, Strategic Partnerships Manager at CoinaPhoto; and, Tim Bingham of Public Lens Street Photography.


First prize went to Liz Stowe, for “Window Shopping.” Jurate Tilmanaite commented that “The photo, based in the Dublin 8 area, captures a man peeking into an antique shop from behind. While his face is not immediately visible to the camera, the reflection of his face is visible through the glass in the window of the antique shop.





The second prize went to Norman Ross’ “Christ Church Cathedral Dublin.” Tim Bingham, of Public Lens Street Photography, said: “This photograph captures the magnificent Christchurch Cathedral, in the stillness of the reflection which captured my eye was the various blues in the photo which is the colour of Dublin. This photograph was very well shot.”




The Digital Hub Members’ prize went to Jeremy Simmons of Process. Jim Dawson, Digital Design Executive, said: Jeremy captured an iconic view of the Dublin 8 area, from a perspective unique to The Digital Hub. The sun sets over this recognisable silhouette, an outline that represents the hard work and industry of the Liberties area, as it reaches high into the sky. It’s a beautiful photograph.”





CoinaPhoto and The Digital Hub are really pleased with the outcome of their collaboration, which challenged those who live, work, and visit the Dublin 8 area “to capture its unique spirit through digital photography.”

You can see the winning photos in full on Facebook page here

All photos submitted to the ‘Dublin 8 is Great’ Photo Challenge are now also available to a wide range of buyers from across the world through CoinaPhoto’s website at