Mar 24, 2020

Students risk losing out as online teaching creates ‘digital divide featuring Michael Hallissy, H2

In a recent edition of The Irish Times, Michael Hallissy, a former primary school teacher and founding partner of Digital Hub based H2 Learning, suggests that some teachers and schools are at a disadvantage when it comes to online teaching.


Training and support

Shifting from classroom teaching to remote teaching is not automatic, he says, and requires training and support for those involved. “You really need to carefully design learning for online, it is not the same as face to face. People need to be trained,” says Hallissy. The online sharing of educational resources may be useful for those who are digitally trained, he says, but it may overwhelm other teachers who are just finding their digital feet. “We were all trained to teach in a room in a space with the other learners, so there is a need to give teachers support around what those models of learning look like,” says Hallissy.

The article originally appeared on The Irish Time and you can read it in full at: