Mar 13, 2018

St. Patrick’s Tower at The Digital Hub is going green for St. Patrick’s weekend

In celebration of Ireland’s national holiday, we will illuminate St. Patrick’s Tower at The Digital Hub in green, from March 15th until March 19th, from 6pm to 8am  

After the sun goes down, take a stroll down Thomas Street, Dublin 8 and check out our iconic building, which looks even more impressive in green. Please take a photo and share it with us! We are ‘@TheDigitalHub’ on InstagramFacebook and Twitter #GlobalGreening 


St. Patrick’s Tower is a well-known and much-loved sight on the city skyline and particularly in our Liberties community. The structure is the remains of the tallest smock windmill in Europe, although it is not immediately identifiable as a windmill without its sails.


The windmill was built in 1805; the date appears on a stone over the main doorway. It was used to grind corn for Roe’s whiskey distillery until about 1860, when the grinding process was powered by steam. It’s known locally as St. Patrick’s Tower, as an outline of the figure of St. Patrick tops the windmill’s copper dome.


Click here to see photos of St. Patrick’s Tower on our Facebook page.