Dec 03, 2018

Space Chickens in Space now airing on Disney XD EMEA.

The 2D animated comedy series is a co-production, involving Gingerbread Animation, who are an independent and creator-driven animation house based at The Digital Hub, Dublin since 2017.

Specialising in trad-digital 2D animation, Gingerbread Animation creates high quality kids’ animation content, producing and developing its own original projects as well as offering tailored creative and production services to third parties. Inhouse script to screen services include script writing, design, storyboarding, editing, hand crafted TV series and feature length animation and compositing.


One of their most recent projects, Space Chickens in Space, is now airing on Disney XD in UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Channel 9 Australia.

The 2D animated surrealist comedy series, aimed at 6 to 11 year olds, tells the story of a three sibling chickens, Chuck, Finley and Starley, who are mistakenly taken from their homes and enrolled in an elite intergalactic discipline, diplomacy and defence trainee academy. This surreal comedy follows the hapless chicks as they aim to fit in and prove they have the talent and tenacity to cut it with the best of the academy recruits.

Space Chickens in Space is a co-production between Ánima, CAKE, Studio Moshi, and Gingerbread Animation for Disney EMEA and Channel 9 Australia.

Gingerbread Animation was formed in 2017 by London-based kids’ entertainment specialist CAKE and Australian animation producer Studio Moshi.