Apr 11, 2017

Learn about Incognito Software who activate internet services for over 160 million subscribers

We recently interviewed Ronan Bracken, Service Activation Centre (SAC) Product Manager of Incognito Software, and asked him some questions about his company, their customers, and what differentiates them from competitors in the marketplace.

Ronan has worked in Operation Support System (OSS) service management and product development for over 15 years. He considers his ability to listen and understand customer requests to be his greatest strength. Ronan strives to provide easy-to-use, centralised service management solutions that meet customer’s requirements.


Watch our interview recorded with Ronan at his office space at The Digital Hub recently.

About Incognito Software

Incognito Software creates and supports end-to-end OSS, BSS, and enterprise architecture solutions. By optimising provider performance capabilities, Incognito Software enables best-in-class service fulfillment and customer experience assurance. Globally renowned broadband operators of all sizes, including over half of the top ten operators in the United States, trust Incognito to eliminate segregated work silos and streamline provisioning, activation, and subscriber service management processes with the utmost quality. Incognito operate out of office space at both The Digital Hub, Dublin and Vancouver, Canada.

Read more about, Incognito Software here.

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