Jan 25, 2017

Pear tree at The Digital Hub used as part public art project

The Digital Hub’s pear tree will shortly feature in a new public art installation called ‘If The Walls Could Talk’.

The Digital Hub’s pear tree will feature in a new public art installation called ‘If The Walls Could Talk’.  Dublin City Council and Failte Ireland are behind the commission for this two-part public art project, by contemporary visual artist, James L. Hayes and art historian and curator, Dr. Kirstie North.


The Digital Hub is delighted that our historic pear tear at the foot of St. Patrick’s Tower will feature in this public art installation. peartree

This week a cast has been taken off the bark of the pear tree and the resulting bronze cast will be set into the footpath on Thomas Street, where it will be seen of 100’s of people daily, from Liberties locals to tourists who walk the Dubline Route.

The series of bronze cast paving slabs, made from impressions of actual surfaces taken from within the Liberties district, will act as a marker that ‘flags’ to the viewer/pedestrian that they are now in front of a building or area of historical significance.

These bronze castings will be accompanied by information on the Dublin website, which will document both the process of the bronze castings and the highlight the hidden histories and architectural fabric of this historic area of Dublin city.



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The pear tree at The Digital Hub is the oldest fruit-bearing tree in Ireland. The tree can be found next to St. Patrick’s tower, the oldest standing Smock Windmill in Europe.

For more information on the history of St. Patrick’s Tower. Watch our ‘What’s Inside’ YouTube video here