Aug 08, 2019

Odin Consultants and Lonely Planet host Teen-Turn students

The Digital Hub are delighted to partner with Teen-Turn again this year. This partnership has helped place two teenagers in technology based companies at The Digital Hub.

Teen-Turn aims to influence course decision-making processes, inform participants on education and career options, and combat stereotypes by strategically changing how girls identify with technology career environments. This is done by providing teenage girls with the opportunity to spend the first two weeks of August in a technology centric environment.


Teen-Turn works with schools to identify participants with academic promise, aged 15-16, who will benefit from the unique opportunity. The young women have just finished the Junior Cert and have yet to choose their Leaving Cert subjects. Two of these girls have recently started their placements, with Digital Hub based companies Odin and Lonely Planet. Placements guarantee the girls will work on tech related activities during their two-week internship. During this two-week placement, the students’ travel and lunch expenses will be covered via Leap cards and pre-paid credit cards.


About Odin Consultants

Established in 2002, Odin has an extensive background building solutions for clients in the public and private sectors. We use the latest web technologies to deliver powerful, user-friendly, intuitive solutions. We employ an agile development methodology that ensures flexible development and caters to our clients’ changing business needs. You can read Odin’s full profile here

About Lonely Planet

As the world’s leading travel content company, Lonely Planet has printed over 139 million books, in 16 languages, to almost every destination on the planet. Their Dublin office, based here in The Digital Hub, includes roles in tech and writer support for up to 250 writers across 46 countries, finance, a books team for EMEA, and a global digital news hub. You can read Lonely Planet’s full profile here.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Teen-Turn programme check out their website at: