Dec 04, 2015

Legion Develop New Educational App For Down Syndrome Ireland

Legion Interactive and Down Syndrome Ireland have teamed up to create an educational Mobile App called Lámh Time, which was officially launched yesterday (03/12/15).



Photographed at the official launch of the Lamh Time App are Nicola Hart, Senior Speech and Language Therapist, Down Syndrome Ireland, Mary Cullen, Project Manager, Lamh, Geraldine Moran, Speech & Language Therapist, and Niall Minihan, Managing Director, Legion Interactive.

The purpose of the app is to help children learn sign language in a fun and interactive way so they will be able to communicate better with the people around them. Lámh Time was developed by Digital Hub based software development company, Legion Interactive and is available to download from the App store.

Lámh is a manual sign system used by children and adults with intellectual disability and communication needs in Ireland. It is especially used by children with Down Syndrome as they often have difficulty communicating with their family, friends and teachers.

Legion Interactive, who have been based at The Digital Hub since 2014, started work on the App last May. The company was responsible for the production of the mobile app from start to finish. Niall Minihan, Managing Director of Legion Interactive, tells us that video was an integral part of the app; over 200 of the 500 signs in the Lámh system were filmed and are available in the app. The Legion team spent a day filming at Lime Street studios in Dublin with two trained Lámh instructors. The green screen studio allowed Legion to key-out the background and add in their own designs in the app. Lámh Instructor, Keith Hanley, is photographed during the video shoot.

Niall says, “We were delighted to have been awarded the contract in May to work with Down Syndrome Ireland. Having spent months working on the project you can sometimes lose sight of who the end user will be, but to see the children use the app at the launch event was wonderful. Some of the kids with Down Syndrome were interacting with the app and most importantly enjoying it and learning new signs from it. For me personally this has been a very worthwhile and rewarding project to have worked on.”

The Lámh Time app is available for download in the App Store.
 Lámh Time         Lámh Time