May 18, 2015

Learn About Imprez – Ireland’s First Prezi Training, Design & Consultation Company

Imprez is Ireland’s first Prezi training, design and consultation company that helps people to be better storytellers with the aim of getting rid of boring presentations.

The Irish company was founded by Niall Dennehy and Joseph Thompson in 2012 and recently became the first company in Ireland to attain the recognition of “Official Independent Prezi Experts”.

Imprez have been based at The Digital Hub since March 2015 and we recently spoke to Niall Dennehy about the company.

Imprez Logo

Niall told us that Prezi is really different to traditional presentation software. Prezi allows people to express their thoughts and ideas on a single canvas. Unlike traditional presentations, such as PowerPointPrezi is not linear, going from slide to slide. It moves from one idea to the other.

“With traditional presentation software, like PowerPoint, information is structured on slides. With Prezi, everything is on an open canvas, so you’re free to express your ideas without the limitations or boundaries of a slide.”

Imprez offers four key services:

  1. Presentation Design – Imprez helps clients create dynamic Prezi presentations that will help to engage their audience.
  2. Presentation Training – Imprez show clients how to use Prezi by creating presentations and training their staff how to do it.
  3. Online Templates – Imprez have an online shop that sells pre-made templates that people can use in a very short space of time.
  4. Advice – Imprez offer advice to their clients on how to use Prezi within their organisation.


Niall says that he would like to see Imprez expand and grow, both home and abroad and to be recognised as the leading provider of presentation training and design in Ireland, UK, Europe and then globally.

Talk to Imprez about Prezi training, design or consultation.






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