Dec 03, 2015

Juggle Talks About Managing Your Personal Finances

Juggle is a new online personal finance management solution that helps people to understand and improve their personal finances easily.

Juggle was founded in 2014 and have been based at The Digital Hub since July of that year. We spoke to Cian O’Cuinneagáin, Eoin O’Ceallacháin and Tim Byrne about their company and their services.

Cian, one of the Co-Founder of the company told us that managing personal finances today is a challenge and the effort required to make improvements is too high.

“Our mission is to make managing finance simple, rewarding and most of all accessible to everybody.”

Eoin, who holds the role of CEO and is also a Co-Founder of the company, told us that many of the existing solutions only focus on painting a picture of your past financial history and do not help you to make changes to improve in the future.

“Juggle shows you the impacts of changes you make today into the future, this gives you options and insight into the right changes for you”.

Tim, the third Co-Founder of the company told us that the main reason they set up Juggle was because managing finances was a personal problem all three of the founders experienced themselves. He also discussed how their previous experience led them to setting up Juggle.

“We worked for 35 years in capital markets building software for traders and risk managers and felt that a lot of these tools could be used to help everyone with their personal finances”

Cian told us that Juggle have recently released a live beta. This gives people a sneak preview of what is coming in the official release in January 2016.

It lets you see what you like about Juggle and also voice your opinion on any changes or improvements that can be done prior to the launch.

“Currently, our beta is live and people are welcome to come to our website and check it out. After we launch in Ireland in January 2016, we are hoping to follow quickly in the UK”.

Talk to Juggle about managing your personal finances:

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