Apr 21, 2015

Interview With Christian Deloumeaux Of Boomerang Pharmaceutical Communications

Boomerang Pharmaceutical Communications is a global, digital healthcare marketing and communications agency that delivers digital initiatives for leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies and brands to engage physicians, patients and companies worldwide.

The French company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Mulhouse, France with offices in New-York, Hong Kong and most recently, The Digital Hub in Dublin city. The Digital Hub office opened in September 2014 and it currently employs 13 people and is headed up by Boomerang’s Global Creative Director, Christian Deloumeaux.

Christian tells us that the vision of Boomerang Pharmaceutical Communications is to fuse the chaos of creativity with the rigor of science to produce outstanding digital solutions for their pharmaceutical and biotech clients. And this vision has a very real meaning for all the team at Boomerang according to Chirstian.

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We don’t seek creativity for the sake of creativity. We balance creative digital work with facts and performance so we can deliver positive measurable results for our clients” says Christian. The creative and results-driven work means that boomerang’s environment evolves at a fast pace, so does boomberang.

Christian says: “Our team have to handle different projects at the same time from eCommunications strategies for various clients to website and applications design and development.

Industry leading clients include Novartis AG, Merck & Co. Inc., GlaxoSmithKline plc; Pfizer Inc., Abbott, Unilever, Nestlé and Roche amongst others.

Talk to Boomerang Pharmaceutical Communications about global end-to-end digital solutions for the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Digital strategy – Boomerang will guide and help create an integrated digital strategy that let their clients successfully navigate the interactive landscape.
  • eCommunications strategy – Boomerang will advise on the right channels for their client’s leadership, finance, drug development, IT or HR teams to use, whether the message is intended for internal or external audiences.
  • Publication – Boomerang help clients manage their news flow, ensuring brand alignment across the company or localised content.
  • Creative solutions – Boomerang provide their clients with creative leadership and services so they can create memorable experiences for their target audience and a powerful brand.
  • Website development – Boomerang’s interactive developers, web designers, communications and emarketing specialists, information architects and content experts will partner with clients to craft a unique online presence.
  • Online promotion – Boomerang will ensure that their client’s website won’t be digital wilderness through an integrated search marketing and search optimisation strategy.
  • Digital analytics – Actionable analytics is a strategic focus for Boomerang, whose approach begins with understanding their clients brand objectives, building a multi-channel tagging strategy and using the resulting information to provide insights and recommendations to improve ROI and efficiently increase brand awareness.
  • Staffing – Boomerang’s most talented Marketers, Creative and/or Development resources, onsite with their clients (or online) to function as an extension of their marketing team for a week or more long-term.

Contact Christian Deloumeaux in Boomerang Pharmaceutical Communications:

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