Oct 16, 2017

Inspirefest: The Podcast launches, with The Digital Hub as anchor sponsor

Inspirefest, the unique international festival of technology, science, design and the arts with inclusion at its heart, takes place annually over two days in Dublin, Ireland.

Inspirefest: The Podcast lets you listen back to insights from the Inspirefest stage and hear behind-the-scenes conversations with some of the leading thinkers in science, technology, media and inclusion.


Inspirefest The Podcast can be found on iTunes and Soundcloud.

The podcast, launching today, will have a new episode every Monday for the next eleven weeks.

In the first episode, host Claire O’Connell, goes backstage at Inspirefest 2017 to speak to Raju Narisetti (CEO of Gizmodo Media Group) and Sinéad Burke (PhD Candidate at Trinity College Dublin) to talk about the importance of authentic voices in the world’s media. Listen to Inspirefest the podcast episode one here.

In this second episode, host Claire O’Connell speaks to Arlan Hamilton, Founder and Managing Partner of Backstage Capital and Inspirefest regular Sharon Vosmek, CEO of ASTIA. As a black, lesbian woman, Arlan Hamilton is a Silicon Valley outsider who she is rewriting the rulebook of venture capital. Sharon Vosmek and ASTIA have been championing investment in diverse founding teams for many years. Music by Drake Stafford. Produced by Bureau. Listen to Inspirefest the podcast episode two here

In this third episode, host Claire O’Connell speaks to Kelly Hoey, investor, strategic adviser, networking expert and author of Build Your Dream Network. Kelly is on a mission to help the introvert become a natural at the art of networking. We also hear from Dr Sue Black OBE, founder of Techmums and author of Saving Bletchley Park. Sue shares her harrowing journey with Inspirefest, from being a single mum of three living on benefits, to becoming an entrepreneur and being awarded an honorary OBE.  Listen to Inspirefest the podcast episode three. 

Inspirefest: The Podcast is hosted by acclaimed science writer Claire O’Connell, and thoughtfully curated and produced by Maurice and Shaun.

Celebrating the launch of the podcast, Ann O’Dea, the CEO and editor-at-large of SiliconRepublic.com, said: “We’re extremely excited to launch the first series of Inspirefest the Podcast, which offers our community around the world a fantastic insight into the behind the scenes happenings at Inspirefest. Shaun, Maurice and Claire have done a wonderful job of pulling together the off-stage thoughts of some of the brightest minds in the STEM industries. Big thanks go to The Digital Hub for being the anchor sponsor for this first series. Inspirefest was conceived and created out of our home here at The Digital Hub, so it’s a pretty apt partnership!”

Fiach Mac Conghail, Chief Executive Officer of The Digital Hub, said The Digital Hub is delighted to support this amazing podcast series, which has its roots in Silicon Republic, a company we’re proud to have based at The Digital Hub campus. Ann O’Dea, who heads up Silicon Republic, and whom I have great admiration for, is behind Inspirefest, which I was lucky enough to experience in person this year. Ann and the Inspirefest team brought to Dublin a stellar line-up of speakers and I can’t wait to revisit some of what they shared at the event, through this new Podcast series”.


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For more on Inspirefest: www.inspirefest.com

If anyone would like to join in sponsoring this great series, there are still some short ad slots available. Please contact sponsor@inspirefest.com for further details.