Jul 13, 2020

Here’s how you can help shape the Government’s remote work policies

What would you like to see added to the Government’s remote working guidelines? You can have your say as part of a new consultationToday (9 July), the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation launched a public consultation on updated guidelines for remote working.


The consultation follows a report published by the Government in late 2019 about views on remote working in Ireland, which discussed such issues as the right to disconnect, employment rights and health and safety.


However, since the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in “unprecedented numbers of people remote working, many for the first time”, the department said, another consultation is necessary. It is asking employees and employers to share their thoughts on how the Guidance for Working Remotely document, published in early 2020, can be updated.

At the moment, the guidelines cover such areas as cybersecurity, training, welfare and employment conditions. In today’s announcement, the department said it is seeking feedback on whether the current guidance is suitable, how it can be improved and where employers and employees need further guidance.

The department said it will use the information it receives to “shape public policy on remote working”. The deadline for submissions to the consultation is 7 August 2020. Find out how to send in your response here.