Sep 16, 2015

Families In Business – Software Design

Being an entrepreneur comes with challenges but running a business jointly with a family member can add another level of complexity. The Digital Hub has families involved in design, software development enterprises and more.

We set about interviewing some of the family members that run a business together to find out how they run successful companies and manage the professional and family relationship.

The second video in our ‘Families in Business’ series features Software Design which is run by brothers Paul and Gavin Doherty who talk about the benefits of working together.

Software Design Logo

Software Design:

  • Established by Paul Doherty in 2004.
  • Gavin Doherty joined shortly thereafter as co-owner and holds the role of Director of Sales and Marketing.
  • Moved into an office in The Digital Hub in 2006.
  • Employs 17 people & are currently recruiting.
  • Specialise in: User Experience & UI Design; Software Development; Web Design; Web Application Development; eCommerce; Mobile App Development; Consultancy & Support Service.


Paul, who holds the job title of Co-Owner and Director, says that he believes having a specific role and responsibility is a fundamental requirement when working with a sibling or other family member, as it defines that person’s contribution to the business.

Paul looks after the overall technical delivery and management of projects and Gavin specialises in sales and marketing and is very engaged in maintaining a great relationship with their clients – many of whom are long-term. The brothers are supported by a team that has grown incrementally over the years, as the business steadily developed, and now numbers 17 people.

“What makes our business so successful is our multidisciplinary team that consists of designers, developers, engineers, UX and UI and having all these in-house capabilities allows us to deliver really high-quality software projects such as web and mobile applications for our Irish and International client base” says Gavin.

Both Paul and Gavin are Software Engineers. Paul said that he always knew he would work with Gavin at some point. At the time Paul set up the company, Gavin was doing some contract work and so the timing was right to join forces and use each other’s strengths and skills to develop the business together.

Paul says “the main advantage of working with your brother is that you know each other so well you can have minimal communication between one another and still know what each other is thinking.” Gavin adds that trust is so important in running a business whether it’s with a sibling or not, but the family dynamic does mean it’s easier to maintain a high-level of trust.

When asked if there was a history of entrepreneurship in the family Paul tells us that their father ran a chemical and glue manufacturing company and he must have inspired their entrepreneurial spirit.

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