Oct 24, 2017

Digital Skills Academy Answers Industry’s Call for Improved Digital Training

Digital Hub based Digital Skills Academy have recently launched an extensive portfolio of Online Short Courses in digital technology, digital business, design, and innovation.

The decision to launch an extensive portfolio of Online Short Courses is very timely. Training providers have come under scrutiny in the past few years, particularly within the corporate sector. The challenge companies face in aligning skill needs and development objectives with relevant training among what is available, has often led to the ineffective use of clients’ time and resources.


The corporate training model, therefore, is in need of an enhanced approach, and Digital Skills Academy is a leading provider, which offers such an enhanced approach.


Paul Dunne, CEO and Founder of Digital Skills Academy said: “We don’t see ourselves as an academic institution ‘outside’ of industry, “On the contrary, we aim to be at the heart of transforming the digital economy. Therefore, it is in our best interest to respond quickly to industry trends and align our training expertise with the digital skills needs of companies. That is why we’ve added online short courses to our proven International BSc Degree and Professional Diploma portfolio. The subjects covered in our wide spectrum of Online Short Courses will help corporate businesses to rapidly upskill their talent pools with industry-relevant digital competency outcomes and ultimately drive digital transformation. Nevertheless, companies must identify their own digital skills gaps before they can address them effectively and provide the right training.”

Commenting on the International BSc Degree she completed at Digital Skills Academy, Anna Lonergan, Product Owner at Aviva, says I was searching for a course that would help me to further develop my skills in this area and Digital Skills Academy ticked all of the boxes – its modules and teaching methods were aligned with exactly the type of skills my employer and I wanted to develop.”

About Digital Skills Academy – Founded in 2008 by CEO Paul Dunne, Digital Skills Academy is a premier industry provider of online BSc Degrees, Professional Diploma programmes and short courses in digital skills and has produced over 2,500 talents to date. Participants on Digital Skills Academy programmes come from respected international companies that include Barclays, EY, Deloitte, Credit Suisse, Dell, SAP, Google and Oracle.

You can read more on this over at http://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/digital-skills-academy-answers-industrys-call-for-improved-digital-training-651390103.html

You can learn more about Digital Skills Academy, and contact them, over on their company profile.