Sep 23, 2020

Digital Hub Based Braahmam Partners With Mediawen

Digital Hub based company Braahmam have announced a partnership with technology provider Mediawen International to facilitate faster and more accurate artificial intelligence powered audio and video translations. The collaboration will help the two companies deliver automated, high quality transcription and subtitling for multimedia content.


This integrated solution from India and Ireland based Braahmam and Mediawen of France can be deployed in translation of any video content, including training and elearning. It is also advantageous to use it in web conferencing and live virtual events that may happen anywhere in the world.

Mediawen’s high capacity workflow management platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible to create automatic transcriptions from video files. Any machine translation (MT) tool can be integrated into the platform to provide the translated subtitles, with manual translation too being an option. The subtitles can either be hard coded into the video file (open captioning) or can be delivered as a separate file (closed captioning).

Braahmam will leverage its decades long expertise to provide post editing of the MT output or in doing the manual translation, as the case may be. When post editors make changes to the output, the AI system learns and saves the changes to memory, thus improving the quality of subsequent translations. This combination of online high performance tools along with world class professional services helps in transcribing and subtitling videos at a much quicker rate. It reduces errors and saves manual effort. It increases the productivity of translators and project managers and allows reviewers and clients to be a part of the remote and secure workflow.

Biraj Rath, CEO of Braahmam, said, “This partnership forges a seamless solution aimed at making video content accessible to people living in different countries and speaking multiple languages. It’ll be an indispensable service for companies aiming to reach their target audiences as more and more content moves to the video and virtual format.”

About Braahmam:
Braahmam has been providing high-quality translation and localization services, including equality translation and localization services, including elearning and video translation since 20 years. It is IS0 1710learning and video translation since 20 years. It is IS0 171000–certified and provides translations in certified and provides translations in over 70 languages. It has offices in India, Ireland, and the United States. over 70 languages. It has offices in India, Ireland, and the United States.