Sep 14, 2020

Bizimply adds new features to its workforce management platform to help manage COVID-19 risks in the workplace

As hospitality businesses adapt to trading in a post-COVID environment, the need for employers to manage health risks in their workplace has become a prominent concern. It will have a real impact on the ability of operators to continue trading in the new post-COVID world.


Workforce management software providers, Bizimply, have added a new feature to their user-friendly workplace management platform to support operators in managing health risks while helping ensure that their teams are fit and well at the start of each shift.


The ‘Attendance Questionnaire’ feature allows operators design their own questionnaire which automatically appears on-screen as staff members log-on to the clock in app at the start of every shift. By asking up to ten questions about known COVID symptoms, employers can be alerted to employees with a report of who may have symptoms or are feeling unwell so they can take action to ensure they do not enter the workplace to protect customers and other members of staff. Operators can also use the ‘Attendance Questionnaire’ to regularly reinforce public health messages around COVID and help ensure compliance public health measures in their workplaces. Bizimply has also introduced contactless log-on to the time clock in app with the new Bizmply Stylus. Each team member is now provided with their own Bizimply Stylus to use on the time station log-on screen to help to minimise the risks of transmission in the workplace.

Nick Freeman, Area Manager for Amber Oil said: “Using Bizimply’s Attendance Questionnaire is a lot more convenient. With the paper-based questionnaires that we had been using there was always that possibility of the paperwork getting lost. Now, from a compliance point of view, all our forms and reports are stored electronically on the Bizimply platform.”

Andrew Moloney, owner of Hook & Ladder, the eclectic mix of cafe, culinary school and furniture story trading from six locations across Ireland said:

When we restarted full trading again in early July, Bizimply contacted us to tell us about the new Attendance Questionnaire feature on Timestation. We had been using our own paper-based questionnaires but there was always a risk that an employee could throw on their uniform and slip under the radar and forget to fill out their questionnaire. Now they have no choice but to it on Timestation. It is utter compliance and the ultimate respect for our customers, our team members and our families at home. Everyone needs to be following the guidelines to protect ourselves and this new feature on Timestation helps us do that.”

Bizimply CEO Conor Shaw said: “We were working on the Attendance Questionnaire with an expected release date in December this year. When the coronavirus took hold, we knew we had to help our customers by getting this feature out immediately. Staff members’ health is a big concern for operators, and they wanted an easy way to make sure their business stayed virus-free. It’s something we had to get out for businesses across the UK, Ireland and further afield.

“The Attendance Questionnaire gives businesses a snapshot of their team’s health and reassures staff that their employer cares about protecting their health and the health of their customers. If staff members feel confident about their working environment, they will feel motivated and enjoy their job, and customers, who may be nervous about returning to hospitality, will relax and start enjoying their visits to the pub or restaurant. We looked to the future when we were developing the concept of the Attendance Questionnaire. Our product and development teams were always asking how they could future-proof the concept. The ten questions customers can ask on the new feature are completely customisable – so when the coronavirus does subside, employers will be able to use this feature as an employee engagement exercise.”

The Attendance Questionnaire is being used primarily to check on team members’ fitness to work, but its flexible design means that it can be adapted to ask any question operators want to put to their staff. Operators can gather functional information, such as whether staff are wearing their uniform, or get a picture of staff sentiment. Up to 10 questions can be asked, with answers available immediately.

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