Jul 07, 2020

Competitive Start Fund – Women Entrepreneurship

Enterprise Ireland’s €1 million Competitive Start Fund is now open for applications. The ‘All Sector’ CSF and ‘Women Entrepreneur’ CSF competitions will provide successful business applicants with up to €50,000 in equity funding. Read more: https://bit.ly/2Z8wIoS


For this Women Entrepreneurship call, applications are invited from individual women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial teams and existing early stage women led start-ups.


A qualification requirement for this call is that, the applicant / applicant company must have at least 1 woman promoter that has a place on the lead management team and who owns or will own at least 25% of the voting share capital of the company at the point prior to Enterprise Ireland Competitive Start Fund Tranche 1 investment of €25k for 5% of the company if successful in this competition. Details of how this condition will be met must be provided in the application form.

If the proposed application does not meet this specific requirement above, please visit the information page for Call 65 – All sectors.

The proposed application must be active in the Manufacturing & Internationally Traded Services sectors, including the following subsectors Agtech, Cleantech, Consumer Products, e-Health, Enterprise Software, Fintech, Food, Games, Industrial Products, Lifesciences, Manufacturing, Medical Technologies & Devices, Mobile, Renewables, SAAS / Digital Technologies, Engineering / Electronics, Green Technologies / Climate Change Solutions *, Deeptech, Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR), Data Intelligence, Quantum Computing

*solutions to address challenges and opportunities regarding Climate Action with an emphasis on decarbonisation (i.e. supporting transition to low carbon) including but not exclusive to Renewables, Carbon capture technology, Innovations in buildings and transport applications and