Aug 10, 2018

Coinaphoto Now Seeking £500,000 Through Crowdcube

Digital Hub based company Coinaphoto, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, seeking £500,000 in funding for growth and expansion of its platform.

With existing founder investments exceeding USD $3m, Coinaphoto aims to disrupt the multi-billion stock photography market by monetising your digital assets. Invest now at:


What’s next?

  • In the immediate term, the funds raised will be utilised to scale Coinaphotos marketing efforts.
  • Improve their UX /UI experience by building the team & ensuring IP rights & assets remain secure.
  • In the medium term, Coinaphoto aims to expand their market place offering to include videos, music & potentially software.
  • They also plan to Integrate Coinaphoto Tokens with their ecommerce platforms for direct transactions.
  • Partner with blockchain companies to find new application for Coinaphoto tokens e.g. authentication.


Having established their Dublin office at The Digital Hub campus in 2016, Coinaphoto is a vibrant global community and marketplace for real digital photography. This unique social media platform is designed to share locally relevant stock photography. It gives users the opportunity to earn money for their original photography and gives them a chance to win prizes through ongoing photo challenges.

Read more about Coinaphoto here