Jun 23, 2020

CB Media’s Free 5 day DIY Business Video challenge

Join CB Media’s Free 5 day DIY Business Video challenge reveals how ambitious business owners can start to attract more clients by confidently creating professional looking videos with ease, using their phone, tablet, or laptop. Register now at: https://training.cbmedia.ie/the-diy-business-video-challenge-general


Registration closes on Sunday June 28th as everybody will start at the same time on Monday June 29th. Give me 30 minutes of your time for 5 days, and I’ll show you how to get clients by creating your own professional looking videos with ease, using your phone, tablet or laptop. All you need is a webcam, a laptop that has a camera, a phone, or a tablet. That’s it. No complicated studio equipment. You will have your first professional looking video produced by the end of this 5 day challenge.

Read more about CB Media at: https://www.cbmedia.ie/