Aug 23, 2017

Alien Technology Transfer helps raise funds for Five Irish Startups / SMES

Alien Technology Transfer, based at The Digital Hub, has helped raise funds for five Irish startups / SMEs from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 SME Instrument fund.

Five Irish companies that identified a new market opportunity and developed a concept to exploit it through an innovative product or service have received funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 SME Instrument fund. Alien Technology Transfer (AlienTT) provided assistance at all stages of the application process.


The five Irish companies are:

  1. Hibergene is a molecular diagnostics company that is constantly striving to develop, manufacture and market diagnostics for infectious disease.
  2. Allogen Biotech develop portable food contamination detection devices.
  3. Digitary issue share and verify student credentials records. They publish degrees and transcripts online to enhance your students experience and satisfaction.
  4. Rapfast are a manufacturer of EQ Supreme RDF Stretch Film, which is designed specifically for use in the waste baling industry.
  5. Accucolour are developing a new more efficient and lower waste manufacturing method for plastic bottles


Will you be next?

AlienTT does not just work in Ireland but has helped raise funds for over 130 projects across Europe.

They are looking for high growth, highly innovative SMEs with global ambitions. If you are actively investing in innovation, and looking to grow please contact AlienTT to find out the sectors/areas that are eligible for funding, and how AlienTT will assist you with the application for funding.

About Alien Technology Transfer

Alien Technology Transfer is an independent public funding advisory specialised in project financing and project management, supporting pioneering small and medium enterprises to develop innovative concepts and business models based on cutting edge technologies. Their mission is to catch brilliant market insights, develop clear business models, and procure funding to lead to innovative projects and turn them into profitable ventures. The company was founded in London in 2013 and since then has expanded with offices in Rome, Dublin, Vilnius, and most recently Gran Canaria.

Alien Technology Transfer currently employ forty full-time professionals with experience in engineering, business analysis, project management and project financing. Their Irish operation is responsible for project management and development of business plans for clients across Europe, in sectors such as ICT, energy, health, manufacturing, transport, and eco-innovation.