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MEG is on a mission to drive a culture of Quality Improvement in Healthcare. With UX at the core of everything we do, we are creating innovative technology solutions for frontline healthcare workers, primarily to improve quality standards and patient safety. 

Already working with world-leading hospitals around the world, MEG is continuing its expansion to include both local and international markets. We are hiring new members to our team to help us on this journey. The full-time role is to start immediately and on a remote working basis, providing flexibility and a work/life balance that suits you. We encourage our team members to take an active role in developing their own skills and give them plenty of autonomy and support to do so.


As a software developer at MEG you are expected to build new features and fix bugs across our web and mobile platforms. Our main product is composed of a django web application deployed in azure managed kubernetes which exposes a REST API consumed by an Angular application. The angular application is compiled to Android, iOS and Windows using apache cordova. The django application also has its own frontend. The majority of your work will relate to python development of the django application, along with some angular work for the frontend application. We’re a small but relatively fast moving development team, who deploy frequently on a continuous basis and optimise the product incrementally based on customer feedback. You will be supported by the customer success team and fellow developers who act as a conduit between you and the customer to help you best understand the requirements of any particular task. This role reports directly to the CTO.


  • Develop MEG’s range of clinical support Apps & Websites for the health tech industry.

  • Contribute PEP8 compliant, typed, efficient python code to the django codebase.

  • Work on the Angular app in Typescript.

  • Ensure that your code has full test coverage and work with QA to take each task to completion.

  • Manage integrations to third party systems.

  • Taking part in stand-up meetings with our design and development team.


  • 5 years Software Engineering experience

  • Strong experience working with Python to develop robust and efficient software

  • Experience working with web technologies such as JavaScript, Angular, reactive programming

  • Experience integrating with third party systems

  • Experience working with datasets using Pandas library

  • Experience of using version control software such as Git or similar

  • Working with a multidisciplinary team of designers and developers.

  • Ability to work on your own initiative as well as to defined deadlines


  • iOS (swift), Android, Kubernetes


Dependent on the applicant’s experience.