Director or Assistant Director of Research and Development

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RemedyBio is an immunology-focused discovery and development company based in Dublin, Ireland. It has pioneered a new approach to understanding the immune system and the discovery of new therapies.

The company’s mission is to discover safe, more effective, antibodies and cell therapies, based on the mapping of immune system interactions with disease biology, as well as providing deep biological insight to research and pharma. RemedyBio’s proprietary NanoreactorTM platform, analyses millions of single cells and can determine how these function, at an unprecedented scale. Working with pharma partners, this capability can be used to discover new precision therapies against cancer, infectious diseases and immune disorders, and to create powerful personalised therapies tailored to a specific person’s needs. To learn more about the company please visit our website

Role Description:

The Director of Research and Development (or Assistant Director depending on experience) will lead RemedyBio’s end-to-end proprietary discovery process, reporting directly to the Chief Scientific Officer. You will be responsible for designing and implementing a range of discovery programmes using RemedyBio’s unique technology to map immune-disease interactions to create a new generation of targeted and process therapeutics.

We are seeking an experienced and creative expert in antibody and/or cell engineering who will help drive the advancement of novel therapeutics targeting the interface between the immune system and the disease microenvironment. The candidate will be expected to lead a multidisciplinary scientific team and lead the technical delivery of discovery projects. The successful candidate will also contribute to product advancement by leading the development of new in-vitro biochemical and functional assays to help develop new technologies and move pipeline projects forward.

The role will also work closely with our clinical programmes team, influencing and determining the best collaborations for RemedyBio; additionally the position will support strategic partnering with pharma and biotech collaborators.


  • Doctorate degree with 10+ years’ experience in a discovery-oriented scientific leadership role in pharma or biotech.
  • Demonstrated leadership capabilities in leading a highly qualified and motivated team through rigorous experimental design and challenging scientific and technical milestones.
  • Immuno-oncology experience highly desirable, including but not limited to working in autologous or allogeneic cell therapy; infectious or complex disease background is also of interest.
  • Significant proven track record in assay development, particularly fluorescent-based immunoassay and cell-based assays is highly desired.
  • Significant track record in antibody and cell therapeutic discovery including functional assay development and biologics characterisation.
  • Good understanding and experience of related molecular characterisation techniques including PCR, WES, TCR sequencing, as well as other genomic/multi-omic techniques.
  • Ability to work in a multi-disciplinary environment integrating scientific, technical, lab operations, product development, engineering, and management capabilities as required.
  • You will have significant experience managing a laboratory-based team alongside non-lab functions in experimental design, research analytics, data management, compliance, and collaborative work.
  • You will understand how data needs to be managed and assembled for bioinformatic purposes; specific experience with discovery databases is an advantage.
  • Experience in management of the process and data pipeline, including understanding how to lead a team both in unstructured problem solving as well as high-volume, high-throughput discovery processes.
  • Proactive and thoughtful in supporting internal strategic and operational decision making within the senior management team.
  • Excellent coaching and team-building abilities, to help team members develop and grow in their own roles.
  • Ability and confidence to interface with commercial leadership and act as senior scientific support in business and collaborator discussions where needed

Experience in the following areas would be beneficial but is not essential:

  • Working in a fast-paced biotech start-up environment
  • Therapeutics development downstream of discovery
  • Managing external collaborations
  • Budget, report, and grant preparation