Director of Engineering and/or Senior Team Lead Engineer

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RemedyBio is an immunology-focused discovery and development company based in Dublin, Ireland, pioneering a new approach to understanding the immune system and the discovery of new therapies.

The company’s mission is to discover safe, more effective, antibodies and cell therapies, using mass-scale mapping of immune system interactions with disease biology. RemedyBio’s proprietary NanoreactorTM platform analyses millions of single cells and can determine how these function at an unprecedented scale. Working with biopharma partners, this capability can be used to discover new precision therapies against cancer, infectious diseases and immune disorders, and to create powerful personalised therapies tailored to a specific person’s needs. To learn more about the company please visit our website

Due to continuing growth, a Director of Engineering and/or Senior Team Lead Engineer position is open and we are looking for an experienced and motivated senior engineer to help develop and manage the technical development of our products.

We are looking for a senior engineer and platform maker, experienced in product development in biotech, medtech, research tools, and/or instrumentation. You will be highly experienced leading a multi-disciplinary team in the rapid development and optimization of cutting-edge instruments, from concept development to instrument qualification. The candidate should possess a wide range of skills which include mechanical design, prototype fabrication, systems integration, project management, electronics and optical design, experimental design and analysis, software control, and microfluidic design for life sciences applications. Significant exposure to cell biology techniques and/or protein assay development, use, and/or validation would be an advantage. Demonstrated ability in quality-by-design, data management, and/or process development and improvement is also desired.


  • Support the design of state-of-the-art automated microtool and microfluidic laboratory instrumentation and systems, including the design and validation of optical imaging components.
  • Development of processes to facilitate the manufacture or secure the supply of the products designed.
  • Testing of the products designed to verify that the design outputs meet the design input requirements, and associated record keeping.
  • Automation of biological processes and intellectual property protection of new inventions.
  • Develop testing processes, and perform testing and validation of new designs.
  • Generate working prototypes for beta testing and customer demonstration.
  • Perform engineering calculations to support design work.
  • Create and review technical drawings, plans, and specifications using CAD software.
  • Lead multi-disciplinary engineering teams and coordinate with other functions (Assay development, Biology, etc).
  • Proficient with continuous testing and troubleshooting to provide assistance to solve operational issues with associated record keeping.
  • Perform detailed documentation to track the project and program development process.
  • Ensure project timeline is met and project stays within budget


  • Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or in a related field.
  • MSc +8 years or PhD +6 years experience.
  • Essential: +3 years experience leading teams of engineers in design/validation of complex platforms for biological analysis.
  • A good understanding of Design for Manufacture, particularly to design products for low/moderate volume manufacture.
  • Knowledge of optics, microfluidics and microfabrication techniques.
  • Proficient using CAD software (ideally Solidworks) and LabVIEW.
  • Proficient with CFD and flow simulation.
  • Firm grasp of engineering concepts, and experience designing mechanical systems and products.
  • Experience in hardware & software engineering.
  • Experience of microfluidics and microfabrication techniques.
  • Project Management Skills.
  • Experience in GLP and/or GMP environment a plus.
  • Good Organisational / project management skills.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and clearly.