Jul 02, 2020

Head of Product Management


patientMpower is a digital healthcare company providing technology solutions for people living with long-term illnesses. We are passionate about empowering better outcomes by enabling patients to better manage their care and providing unique data insights for healthcare providers and researchers to improve treatments.


The successful candidate will gain a real appreciation for the needs of both patients and healthcare workers and how software can have a transformative impact in the delivery of care. By working here, you can play your own unique role in making life better for people living with difficult medical conditions. At patientMpower we encourage and support employees to be brave in their
thinking, learn continuously and grow personally and professionally.


Job Description
COVID-19 is placing unprecedented demands on our healthcare customers. They in turn are looking to companies like patientMpower to implement remote patient monitoring solutions allowing them to provide continuity of care to their patients despite these turbulent times. We are recruiting for a Head of Product Management who will lead our product strategy and be responsible for all aspects of delivering our solutions. You will be part of the leadership team of the company, helping steer the strategy of the company as we transform healthcare by placing the patient’s voice at the centre of their care. The successful candidate will be someone who seeks the views of patients and healthcare professionals and will be passionate about providing them solutions to improve care.

The successful individual will be responsible for:
1. Working with internal and external stakeholders, formulating strategy and execution of patientMpower products across the following platforms
○ Mobile applications for managing differing chronic diseases with different usability and
data visualisation requirements
○ Hardware integrations to home diagnostics
○ Portals, Databases and APIs
○ Tools to process the management and understanding of our large data sets
○ Developing new analytics and data visualisations for users and customers
2. Focusing on working with our patient and caregiver communities to build mobile applications which will be the cornerstone of better managing and living with their disease. The data visualisations will provide patients new insights to better engage with their care team
3. All product aspects of user acquisition with a strong focus on user onboarding, measuring and improving how we acquire users
4. Working with the development team to develop solutions for clients to manage clinical trials using the patientMpower platform
5. Collaborating with Head of Scientific Affairs and our COO, to structure and standardize clinical data within patientMpower to interoperate with third parties and build automations for extracting and understanding data
6. Scoping and recruiting roles needed to fill in the development and test team
7. Managing risk assessments and data security – ensuring we stay compliant with HIPAA and GDPR
8. Ensuring the high standard of documents, quality assurance and testing procedures

To be successful in the role the incumbent will need to have:
1. 4+ years of hands-on experience in a Product Management role in a software environment with Agile/Scrum practices
2. Experience in leading product for Android, iOS and web applications
3. Passion for delivering the best mobile experiences, and understanding usability challenges across different user segments
4. Experience on improving user onboarding experience through improving UX, identifying metrics to measure and improve. User onboarding includes everything from receiving our connected medical device hardware from a courier through to having virtual consultations with their healthcare provider
5. Experience working in data analytics and data visualisations. It is desirable but not essential that you have the following experience:
1. Healthcare industry experience and knowledge of healthcare data dictionaries and interoperability standards
2. Experience in behavioral science, to understand how to build apps with UX and insights to provide the ‘trigger’ for users to perform actions which will help the management of their health
3. Experience working in Quality Controlled environment, achieving maintaining ISO certification and preparing technical files for submission to regulatory agencies for developing Software as a Medical Device

Apply now via jobs@patientmpower.com