Jun 19, 2020

Video for LinkedIn Live Online Workshop

Got a smartphone, a laptop and an internet connection? You’re ready to master the art of LinkedIn video creation with Go Motion Academy. This is your chance to tap into our years of experience with some of the biggest big-deal names in the business world. LinkedIn included. Register now at: https://www.gomotionacademy.com/cameraskills/ 


In this live interactive workshop, you’ll learn basic video creation techniques that are so simple, you won’t believe you waited so long to get started. You’ll learn to make quality video for LinkedIn, so that you can consistently show up for your clients as a leader in your field.


You’ll find out how to make simple video a part of your regular workflow, so that it’s not an effort or a chore. And while we cover all the technical stuff you need to know about, that’s not even the half of it. You can shoot and edit using expensive equipment, but if the content’s not there, you’ve got nothing. Go Motion Academy will swiftly show you how to impress on LinkedIn with well-shot and well-structured content. All you need is the confidence to start.

Every part of this all-inclusive workshop has been made with beginners in mind, empowering you to get professional results that’ll make your peers and competitors stop and look. Learn from broadcast professionals who are ready to share their secrets with you – secrets many successful content creators don’t want you to know about.