Sep 02, 2020


Much of the current focus in healthcare is rightly on the near-term challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. But beyond the current crisis, are we seeing a fundamental shift in healthcare delivery?  Join the Smart Health Virtual Summit on Thursday, October 22nd.


Speakers include Digital Hub alumni, Eamonn Costello, Co-Founder & CEO, patientMpower. Also, among the speakers is Digital Hub based DR. Conor McGinn, Akara Robotics. See full list of speakers at:


Topics will include:

  • Has Covid-19 created the conditions for an enduring step-change in Ireland’s digital health transformation?
  • Turning to technology in the fight against Covid-19: Ireland’s experience
  • Preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future
  • The patient’s digital pathway: Now it’s personal
  • Looking at digital differently: The challenges of regulating digital health and striking the balance between innovation and regulation
  • Innovation spotlight: Innovators and trailblazers at the cutting edge of health transformation showcase their tech solutions and discuss their plans for market adoption and integration
  • International case study: Germany’s Digital Care Act: A game changer?


Who will attend?

  • Digital healthcare leaders and decision-makers
  • Decision-makers in health and care management and delivery
  • Clinicians, GPs and practice managers
  • Policy-makers
  • Healthcare service providers
  • Health technology solution providers