Aug 11, 2017

re:publica Dublin – September 7-8

re:publica, Europe's most inspiring conference on internet and society, will take place in Dublin on the 7th & 8th of September, at the Light House Cinema, Smithfield, Dublin 7.

re:publica is one of the largest and most exciting conferences about digital culture in the world. Since its foundation in 2007, re:publica has grown from a cozy blogger meeting with 700 participants into a wide-ranging “society conference”, with 9.000 visitors at the eleventh edition of re:publica.


re:publica aims to present the opportunities and benefits of new technologies in various areas of society. There is more to re:publica than just a display of the latest technological developments, it’s about evaluating them in the long term and making suggestions for the future. Many creatives in Europe are currently not working together, or only to a limited degree. re:publica Dublin is here to help with that: Dublin isn’t just the connection to northern Europe, many of the big tech companies are based in Ireland, making it a gateway to the international creative and digital industry.


Topics include:

Digital Citizen Ireland

As our lives become increasingly mediated by technology, issues of data protection, privacy and surveillance are becoming ever more relevant to the general public.

Stories of Protest: Identity and Networks Across Europe and Beyond

A filmmaker and a researcher team up to talk about storytelling, protest and digital identity across Europe and beyond it, drawing on their personal and professional experiences.

Digital News/Media Coops: A Better Future

Can digital news/media coops succeed where other startup models failed? This panel will explore the various types of news and other media co-operatives, which operate on the basis of shared ownership, and redistribution of profits among members.

Housing crisis in a tech bubble

Homelessness is on the rise in almost all European countries. One in 70 people in Athens are now homeless. Though the causes are diverse and vary in each case, housing costs are a consistent issue.

Read more on the topics available here.


Dates & Times: Thursday, September 7th & Friday, September 8th from 10 am to 5 pm.

Venue: Light House Cinema, Market Square, Smithfield, Dublin 7, D07 R6YE

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